Windows Server 2019 Essentials Installation Guide for Small Businesses (English Edition)

'The Missing Manual' - Updated for 2020Windows Server 2019 Essentials is the latest version of Microsoft's server operating system designed for organizations with up to 25 employees. However, as with most modern applications it comes with only the most basic of instructions. Windows Server 2019 Essentials Installation Guide for Small Businesses is a succinct installation guide produced from a real world perspective and written according to the Goldilocks Principle - not too little information, not too much information, but just right. With over 180 illustrations and screenshots, practical examples and clear explanations, it takes you through setting up Essentials in a typical small business. Whether you are installing Essentials for the first time, are planning to do so or are just plain curious, you will find this proven guide of interest and help. And, with everything in one place, it is the superior alternative to spending many frustrating hours searching the internet for what is sometimes inaccurate or outdated information.1. INTRODUCTION1.1 What is Windows Server Essentials 2019?1.2 A Typical Small Network1.3 The Server1.4 Switch and Wireless Access Points1.5 Client Devices2. BASIC INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION2.1 Overview2.2 Installing Essentials2.3 Setting the IP Address2.4 Naming the Server2.5 Server Manager2.6 Creating a Domain3 STORAGE3.1 Overview3.2 Two Disk Drives3.3 Single Disk Drive3.4 RAID3.5 Storage Spaces4. SHARED FOLDERS4.1 Overview4.2 Creating Shared Folders4.3 Loading Existing Data into Shared Folders5. USERS5.1 Overview5.2 Creating Users5.3 Creating Users Using PowerShell5.4 Resetting a Password5.5 Disabling an Account5.6 Deleting an Account5.7 User Groups5.8 Home Folders, User Profiles and Logon Scripts5.9 Editing Multiple Users Simultaneously6. CONNECTING DEVICES TO THE SERVER6.1 Overview6.2 Adding a Computer to the Domain6.3 Connecting Computers with Home Editions of Windows6.4 Connecting Macs6.5 Connecting Linux Computers6.6 Accessing the File System with File Browser7. BACKUPS AND RESTORES7.1 Overview7.2 Configuring Backups for the Server7.3 Restoring Files to the Server7.4 Backing up the Server to a NAS Drive7.5 Backing up Computers to the Server8. PRINTING8.1 Overview8.2 Networked Printer8.3 Shared Printer via Server9. REMOTE ACCESS: VPN & CLOUD SERVICES9.1 Overview9.2 Installing & Configuring Remote Access9.3 Configure the Router9.4 Enabling Remote Access for Users9.5 Connecting Client Computers9.6 Checking and Monitoring Remote Users9.7 Using Dropbox with Essentials10. GROUP POLICY10.1 Overview10.2 Group Policy Management Console10.3 Specifying the Home Page10.4 Windows Logon Behavior10.5 Logon Warning/Security Message10.6 Changing the Password Policy10.7 Account Lockout Policy10.8 Redirect the User’s Documents Folder10.9 Configure Wireless Settings11. HOUSEKEEPING11.1 Overview11.2 Shutting Down & Restarting the Server11.3 Windows Updates11.4 Event Viewer11.5 Windows Security11.6 Virus & threat protection11.7 Firewall & network protection11.8 Checking Disk Space11.9 Optimizing the Hard Drives11.10 Task Manager and Resource Monitor11.11 Headless Operation using Remote Desktop12. WINDOWS ADMIN CENTER12.1 Overview12.2 Installation12.3 Tools within Windows Admin Center13. MISCELLANEOUS & ADVANCED TOPICS13.1 Overview13.2 Windows Activation13.3 Setup Alternative Administrator Account(s)13.4 Accessing the Internet from the Server13.5 Controlling User Logon Times13.6 Diagnostics & feedback13.7 Ease of Access13.8 Installing DHCP13.9 Multiple Network Adapters (NIC Teaming)

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